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Only ONE clear and simple multi-carrier shipping menu!

Only one mouse click away on the shipping menu!
Click on any images for full size view and scroll through all
Domestic Comparison, 4 carriers, 24 services

Int'l Comparison, 5 carriers up to 24 services

Built-in over 80,000 Zipcode/City/State database

Save/Recall to/from your Address Book

Detail Charges with Carrier & Markup columns

Detail Charges with USPS First Class Mail

Or only two mouse clicks away on the menu bar!
Over 100 discrete Miscellaneous Charges

One of over 100 different Rate charts

Track ANY package by ANY Carrier

Our unique Retail Global Markup - Discount

200 fully programmable Packaging Charges

One of 8 preprogrammed Zip to Zone charts

Complete Manifest of all packages processed

Optional Personal Insurance Manifest

Full control of all your Defaults and Preferences

Your Fuel Surcharges cost

Amazingly all the above is seamlessly integrated into ONE clear and simple shipping menu!
In addition to the above menus, there are dozens of other functions and features which are
not so obvious but were exclusively designed for the Packaging and Shipping business.
Remember DOS?   RIP, this was our last DOS Packaging and Shipping Manifest Software when most
shippers were still processing their packages manually into "manifest books" using 19th century carbon paper.

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