UPSS (tm) Systems

1. UPSS™ Lite Software, single computer, single location$310.00
2. UPSS™ Pro Software, single computer, single location$620.00
3. UPSS™ Pro or Lite, each additional computer (one time charge)$100.00
4. UPSS™ Pro Software, Network version, multi computers, single location$920.00
5. UPSS™ Lite yearly upgrade, single computer/location (2019 users only)$260.00
6. UPSS™ Pro yearly upgrade, single computer/location (2019 users only)$520.00
7. UPSS™ Pro Network yearly upgrade, single location (2019 users only)$620.00
8. Digital Scale, 150 lbs. "Legal for Trade" includes scale software interface$680.00
9. UPSS™ Pro Software, single computer with Digital Scale$1200.00
10. UPSS™ Pro Network Software, with Digital Scale$1500.00
Return/Refund Policy, prices subject to change without notice.
All software includes one calendar year of free support, software and carriers updates.

2020 Yearly upgrades are available NOW, please follow our emails.
Within 24-48 hours after your payment you will receive a link with instructions for downloading your custom software.  If you have any questions, please Email us.

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