UPSS (tm) Systems

1. UPSS™ Lite Software, single computer, single location$310.00
2. UPSS™ Pro Software, single computer, single location$620.00
3. UPSS™ Pro or Lite, each additional computer (one time charge)$100.00
4. UPSS™ Pro Software, Network version, multi computers, single location$920.00
5. UPSS™ Lite yearly upgrade, single computer/location (2016 users only)$260.00
6. UPSS™ Pro yearly upgrade, single computer/location (2016 users only)$520.00
7. UPSS™ Pro Network yearly upgrade, single location (2016 users only)$620.00
8. Digital Scale, 150 lbs. "Legal for Trade" includes software interface$680.00
9. UPSS™ Pro Software, single computer with Digital Scale$1200.00
10. UPSS™ Pro Network Software, with Digital Scale$1500.00
Return/Refund Policy, prices subject to change without notice.
All software includes one calendar year of free support, software and carriers updates.

Within 24-48 hours after your payment you will receive a link with instructions for downloading your custom software.  If you have any questions, please Email us.

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