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Free Trial download UPSS™ Pro & Lite NEW ver. 20.2.1
All downloads guaranteed to be Virus, Spyware, Adware FREE!
Why pay for "Reinventing the wheel"???

To download the Free Trial software, UPSS™ Pro and UPSS™ Lite, click on the above link (only 3.0MB, ~15 sec. download time) and save it to your Desktop (or any other location known to you on your Hard Drive).  After the download is complete, to install the software, double click the upss-2021.exe icon where you saved it and follow simple instructions.  Some Internet browsers will let you "Run" or "Open" the download as soon as you click on the above link (without saving it first) and then follow instructions.

Before you use the software, you should read the built-in Help or the User's Manual which will answer any questions you may have.  Support and help with the Free Trial software will be provided via Email only.  During the installation you will be able to choose which version you want to install, either one or both.

The above Free Trial versions are fully functional copies of our software and not some useless demos which don't give you a clue (on purpose) how the software functions in a real environment.  Your only limitation is that you can process packages up to 5 lb. only.  In addition, with the UPSS™ Pro you can see how simple and quick it is to create any custom Retail (marked up) rates, but you can't save or print them out.  However, these limitations don't prevent you from trying and testing these or any other functions.  These limitations, of course, don't exist in the software you will receive when you purchase it.

If you are an existing customer, do not install the above Free Trial versions and edit or copy any of its files to your original UPSS folder.  If you do, your original software will become permanently disabled and you will be on your own!


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