UPSS (tm) Systems

By downloading our multi-carrier Free Trial software, you get the ultimate guarantee, no strings attached and no questions asked.  We do not ask you to spend a small fortune for the privilege of allowing you to check out our software.  Our multi-carrier Free Trial software, UPSS™ Pro and UPSS™ Lite are fully functional copies of our software and not some useless demos which don't give you a clue how the software functions in a real business environment.

Just think, what is the real reason that a company doesn't want you to see exactly how their software really functions prior to you purchasing it?  Must be the same reason they would not let you even download a copy of their user's manual.  Ask yourself, why would a company offer you at the time of purchase, at extra cost, "Training", "Service Agreements" and "Subscription Plans" for their software?  Why would a company not publish a price list of their products and services on their website?

With our Free Trial software, what you see is exactly what you will get when you purchase our software, no "ifs ands or buts", no surprises and without spending a dime!   You get the ultimate guarantee, no strings attached, no questions asked, no biased references or phony testimonials and no outrageous "restocking" fees.  How could you go wrong?  In addition, you get one calendar year of free unlimited technical support including all carriers and software updates.  Your only limitation with our Free Trial software is that you can process packages up to 5 lb. only.  In addition, the Free Trial UPSS™ Pro allows you to create your own custom-made Retail rates but you cannot save or print them.  However, these limitations do not prevent you from trying and testing these or any other functions.  These limitations, of course, do not exist in the software you will receive when you purchase it.

Return/Refund Policy: We do not sell any software or hardware for a "trial period".  Your trial period is absolutely free and unlimited before you pay us a dime.  Therefore, no returns or refunds on any software or hardware!  Of course, we will replace any DOA (dead on arrival) software or hardware.


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