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Version 20.2.1
Effective 2/17/20

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Providing software for the Shipping Business since 1989!
UPSS™ Lite is not intended for the Retail Shipping Business.
UPSS™ Pro the ultimate Packing & Shipping Software solution.
Why pay for "Reinventing the wheel"???
Download our complete and fully functional Free Trial software.
Track any Package    from any Carrier!
   Enter any Tracking Number and click Track.

Search any Zip code    or any City name!
 Enter any Zip Code or City name (complete or partial, US & Territories) and click Search.
The above "Track" and "Search" are just two very small samples of our software built-in features!
UPSS™ Lite will automatically calculate all your shipping charges domestic and international.   One mouse click for price comparison among the four major carriers for the best and most economical carrier and service, domestic & international. You will never again have to refer to the pages and pages of Shipping Rates, Zone Charts and Service Guides or our competitors' expensive and amazingly complicated software.  No more guessing or estimating your shipping charges.  All your charges will always be accurate and consistent.  Built-in complete Zip code database (US, PR & Territories) with automatic, practically instantaneous Zip code-City search.  UPSS™ Lite will save you time and money from the first day you use it.  Track any package by any Carrier using our unique and proprietary all Carriers single entry, one click interface.  Our Free Trial software is a fully functional copy of our shipping software and not a dog-and-pony show.  Each function and option is fully enabled for you to check before you spend a dime.  The above "Track any Package" and "Search any Zip code" are just two very small samples of our software built-in extra features.

We really mean it when we say, "we dare you to compare".  To prove our point we place our competitors Google ads on our own website.  If you are still not convinced, here are the results of a Google Search for Packaging and Shipping Software (UPSS Systems is at the top and this is not a paid ad).  Please make sure you compare our competitors' fully functional software, not brochures, presentations or promises.  We know that if you compare our software, there is really no comparison and you will purchase our software.

The UPSS™ Lite is a "stripped" version of our UPSS™ Pro.  UPSS™ Lite does not interface with the UPS shipping software and does not supports the Custom Carrier, Markup, Network, Digital Scale, Packaging or Manifest!  If you are a Retail Shipper, you would need our full featured, multi carrier UPSS™ Pro Packaging & Shipping Software, exclusively designed for the Retail Packaging and Shipping Business.

The following are some of the features of our NEW UPSS™ Lite ver. 20.2.1
UPSS™ Lite includes all carriers with all 2020 updated rates and services.
No more looking through pages and pages of Shipping Charges and Zone Charts.
Only one mouse click for instantaneous all carriers & services rates comparison.
Automatic rate comparison for the best and most economical carrier & service.
Automatic City/State search & address verification with 56,000 zip codes database.
Automatic Residential Delivery Area Surcharge calculation for all carriers and services.
Automatic calculation & display of Delivery Time & Date for every domestic package.
Automatic Dimensional Weight and Oversize calculations for all carriers and services.
Automatic Zone selection for all carriers, domestic and international destinations.
Automatic support for all shippers, including Florida's unique Dade & Broward counties.
Automatic interface with Carriers' website for accurate Delivery Time and Day.
Track any package using our unique and proprietary all Carriers, single form interface.
ONLY ONE clear, simple and colorful shipping menu for all carriers, services & options.
Interactive self-explanatory Help for every function and option, no training required.
Built-in complete international Country/Zone database for all carriers and services.
Supports all carriers' shipping methods and options domestic and international.
All major carriers, UPS, USPS, FEDEX & DHL are included at no extra charge.
UPS, USPS & FEDEX now includes all their Daily/Commercial/Standard Rates.
FREE TRIAL DOWNLOAD, complete and fully functional software!
Runs on ANY computer with Microsoft Windows from Win XP to Windows 10.
One calendar year of free technical support, carriers & software updates.
Plus much, much more!  All for only $310.
Order online and within 24-48 hours you can download your custom UPSS™ Lite!

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